Twisted Glass Blunt "Supreme Designer Editions" (Tropical Full Size)

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Introducing the Limited Time Exclusive Supreme Designer Edition! 
New Non-Peel Glass Design for a Signature Smoking Experience
Handcrafted Luxury Design. The More resinated the better!



 What's new with the Designer Glass over the Original?

No longer ever worry about your blunt getting resinated! The More resinated it gets, the more the designs jump out. The Designer Editions allow you to have a luxury smoking experience with one of the most unique smoking accessories on the market. These Designer Editions are exclusive and can only be purchased here at the Glass Blunt Store for a limited time.

The Twisted Glass Blunt is ALWAYS perfect for on-the-go.


BUT........ Does it stay lit tho!?
Most definitely! It stays #LIT! Engineered with infini-cherry technology,  just don't over pack the chambers as a fire needs oxygen to stay alive! Keep the cherry twisted out after lighting. If not, it is designed to go out and save your flavors! Also, A standard feature on any blunt provided it was rolled by somebody who knows what they're doing and to protect you against your friends who are known to bogart the blunt and talk until it goes out.  😉 With the Twisted Glass Blunt, just light and twist. Every chamber is like a new bowl allowing you fresh hits all day. No longer do you have to subject yourself to the harmful effects of the Tobacco leaf. Keep it all Natural and Keep it all CLEAN!

What you get:

  • One Twisted Glass Blunt Swished Edition
  • One Designer Glass
  • One GBS Replacement Glass
  • One Cleaning Brush
  • Three Rubber Caps
  • Limited Edition Designer Box
  • Proof of Authenticity Commemoration Card


 *Must be 21 years of age to purchase. 

* Beware of other fake online sellers who look to profit off you and supply you with fake products. When you're buying from us, you know that you're buying from a reputable retailer that offers a full customer satisfaction guarantee. 

Each glass blunt is thoroughly inspected at our manufacturing center and comes with a card commemorating the milestone decision to go all natural.