Twisted Glass Blunt "Swished Edition" Cigarillo Mini Edition (Wholesale)

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A Glass Blunt Store Exclusive!

The Swished Mini Edition is the newest spin on the most new and improved Twisted Glass Blunt! Works just like it's Big Brother but Easily packs up to 1 gram. Fits snug into your pocket for the moving and grooving of everyday life.  Inhale the Difference today and never waste another dollar on wraps with this amazing addition! The Swished Edition has a New and Improved Swished-tip mouthpiece and filter system to improve airflow and pull. Take the #GlassBluntChallenge and become a believer today!

Set comes with 1 Twisty Glass Blunt1 Cleaning Brush2 Rubber Caps, and 1 swagged out little box
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